Street Weaver [Landyachtz Dodger][190kV 6355][10S 5Ah][VESC]

Another ESK8 has been born! I needed something with a smaller wheelbase to weave around in tighter spaces so I used a few parts I had lying around to throw this together. It’s using a Torqueboards 6355 190kV motor, a Torqueboards mount and a Torqueboards pulley kit. I had two 6S Zippy Compact lipos that each had a dead cell so I removed the dead ones and taped em back together… Hopefully they don’t explode! Sadly I don’t have a VESC for it right now but It’s on the way!


I love the shape of that deck <3

Right? I friggin love this thing, its got enough flex to feel springy but not overly so, a good amount of room to stand and the kicktail is a nice touch as well. Definitely recommended if you’re looking for a smaller deck. I believe they make a 28" version as well.

That looks SWEET! i love a good surfy feel board w/ kicktail!

Alright, so I pretty much finished up the build today. After programming the VESC and setting everything up, I took it for a long ride to make sure everything holds up and it was awesome! This deck feels great.

However, it was feeling a little squirrely at higher speeds so I upgraded the boardside bushings to 97A Venom Barrels. It’s much more stable now without sacrificing too much maneuverability.

I’m not going to use a BMS on this project so I just went with the tried and true loop key, and a cheap voltage indicator off Amazon.

Also, with all the weight resting on the lid of the box, the lid came undone and fell off! To make sure that didn’t happen again I ziptied the hinge at the back, and used the existing holes beside the clamp to bolt the box shut.

Coming from a dual motor board, I’ve gotta say I’ve been pretty impressed with the torque I’ve been getting out of this single motor. Right now I’ve got battery amps at 40 and motor amps at 80 and it hasn’t had too much trouble other than with some particularly steep hills nearby. Even then, if I carried some speed into it I could make it too the top.

Overall I’ve been loving this little board, it’s way more practical that what I had before which just means I have more opportunities to ride! :grinning:

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I was getting jealous of everybodies fancy enclosures so I made a 3D printed one :smiley:

From conception to reality!

I didn’t do a great job painting it so the finish isn’t perfect. I used some weather stripping foam to seal the gap.


Love that enclosure, has a very “attache case” feel to it, or maybe the black case for portable nuclear launches :sunglasses:

Sweet build! Looks really light and nimble. In the process of creating the same sort of build.