Street wheels good AT wheels ESC gets too hot

Hi , What kind of current are we using when riding AT wheels ? (I am trying to figure out if 50amp continuous (120max) ESC is too small based on dual 190kv 10s5p set up ? This is for my mate who has recently swapped some parts and now gone from street to AT but everything is now super slow and ESC is getting too hot and very poor range

Hi, are you running both of your motors on one esc? Is the ESC designed for one or two motors? If it’s two motors on an ESC designed for 1 motor that will be your problem.

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As far as I know it is for two motors as it’s the diyelectricsjateboard one that comes as a set with dual motors and runs fine on street wheels fast and good acceleration but since my mate put on the AT it’s just not up to the job , overheating and terrible range might be a case that he will just have to live with street wheels but as he’s had a taste of the AT he really wants to carry on using them

Do u have vescs? … what gearing u have? Is it 10s battery?

… AT tires shouldnt eat more than 600-800W when cruising… that would be around 15-20A per esc, I believe

sounds for me like the gearing is not ideal anymore. the motor need to work more and the vesc too to turn the wheels. what AT wheels he has (diameter) and did he change the gearing that it fit to the bigger wheels (which gearing he drive actually)?