STREET WING - UK/EU Store (Worldwide Shipping) - We have FOCBOX in stock!

One of the hardest things when planning your first build is working out what components to buy and trying to work out what components are compatible with each other.

The new “Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits” (can anyone suggest a better name than this?) at Street Wing solve this problem, they contain all the essential ingredients, all you need to add is an enclosure and deck.

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is across the pond nearby? :wink:

now we have airplanes - yeah it is :slight_smile:


when can I be expecting a complete at my doorstep :grin:

Testing the new batch of custom 6374 190 kV motors, now with sensor wires that connect directly to the FOCBOX rather than needing to use those fiddly converter cables.

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You guys need kegel pulleies

any coupons still valid ?

do the old 190kv 6374 sensoed motor I bought not connect direct to the focbox bud?

Definitely!!! 12S is not ideal! Not only talking about the extra weight, but the power! ESC fail a lot at that point mostly for heavy people at steep hill! But i kinda like the speed at which this thing can be going :sunglasses:

I got a batch of those coming myself, great motors

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@davewood1982 You raise a good point!

January is rubbish! The weather sucks, the days are short and dark, everyone is being boring and not drinking.

I think a 5% off voucher for Jan is in order to bring a little light to this bleak month

Coupon code: hurryupsummer

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@stormboard1 - the motor you have has a different sized sensor cable connector than the FOCBOX, but fear not I always include an adapter cable.

Making those adapter cables is about my least favourite thing about Street Wing - they are silly fiddly to make, but thankfully that is a thing of the past now as I have the factory putting the correct connector on now.

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Loads of JST crimping? Nightmare.

Yep missed that perfect nice one bud

@HighMasterGogo even worse than that, the male connectors are the work of the devil to solder up. I’ve got better at it but they are so small it really strains my eye sight, it’s not often that you wish it was JST crimping instead of the job at hand

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ah gotcha! Nightmare!

Hello, i ordered some wheels so just wondered when they would be sent out? (Order number 570)

Hey @davewood1982 , I emailed you a tracking number earlier this evening. Please let me know if the email didnt come through

The package will be dispatched tomorrow morning and should be with you the following day.

Apologies I didnt dispatch today but I left at 5:30am this morning to work with a special effects company building an electric vehicle for a movie and didnt get back till really late.

Ahh yes i see the email thank you! no need to apologize, just wasnt sure how it worked as its the 1st time ordering from you so i asked lol.

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