Stripped Bolt on Clamp to Motor Mount

Hi Forum,image image image image I needed to change the angle on my TB motor mount and as I was loosening the bolts that clamp the mount to the clamp together (held with loctite) one of them stripped. I wanted to post here before I drilled out the bolt as a final solution. So far, I’ve tried the rubber band method and using a heat gun to loosen the thread locker. Any suggestions on what to do. And how can I avoid the problem in the future? Thanks!

dremel a slot and use a flathead. use torch to heat up and loosen the loctite first


exactly what i was going to say ^^^ also use a heat gun to loosen the loctite

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Also get yourself a set of these. They will hold up much better than what you are probably using. I once thought I stripped a head, I pulled out the Wera and it was able to get a hold deeper.


What’s the advantage of the ball head these have? I am using T handles, they been great to me, but not really portable.

The advantage is the HEX-PLUS, so if T-handles have it, it would still be better than the regular hexSX522

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And chillax on the loctite! Which is it? Looks like 680 colour. If that’s the case you’ll need some serious heat.

Ohhh ok. Got you! I guess I will pick up a set too, since all the cool kids have it.

The ball head lets you hit the bolt at a bit of an angle when in low-clearance situations.


Yeah didn’t mean to put that much on, it just all cane out pretty fast on that one particular bolt. I tried cleaning it with a cue tip.

Yeah those are going on my wish list.

Also, anyone know the size of the bolts to replace?

And are torx bolts worth the upgrade?

get a ruler and measure one of the other 3 bolts you took out. lol

Pretty sure he stripped screw is M5


Yeah, M5. Gotta use metric not SAE.

You can use a dremmel and cut a line through it then use a flat headscrewdriver to take it out.

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Learned that years ago at my job from one of the old timers and it has come in handy a lot

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just to add on the handy tips, dont use loctite red. Use blue. I’ve tried to explain to my dad not to use red a million times and he just does the “yep ok” as in to say “the fuck do you know 18 year old”. The other day he tried to loosen his motor bolts like you are, and stripped 2 of em and needed to cut flat heads in, use a blow torch, and multigrips to get it out. was quite proud of the “i told you so” moment

This is why I dont include stainless fasteners, theyre soft! Sure mine will rust overtime but theyre TOUGH

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this is why i replaced all my bolts with hardened steel. stainless is too soft and always strips. If you’re able to take out all the other bolts you can simply turn the mount on the mount on the plate to loosen it enough to take it out. That’d be the first thing I’d try.


Yeah I’m using blue

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