Stripped Hex Bolt on Torqueboards Motor Mount [Help!]

I’m using the stock bolts and seemed to have stripped the bolt with lock tite in. Stainless steel I believe. Bolt is holding motor.

General tips or solutions to remove without damaging the motor.

Thanks guys!

Get a heat gun and try again. I did the same thing with the truck side when I started. I used red loctite and thought I’d never needed to adjust it. I ended up using a dremel to make bigger slots for my screwdriver + a heat gun for loctite. It worked out.

I doubt you’d need to cut into anything. Those bolts don’t have that many threads on them. Get a heat gun and more perpendicular torque on the bolt and I bet you’ll get it out.

replace all of those bolts with torx tops. They are much better.

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If you cant get them out because they are fully stripped use a bolt removing kit or just drill through them. Once you’ve done that, stop using button/flat head allen bolts and swap for regular socket head allen bolts as they use 1 size up in hex wrench, which lasts a lot longer and it less prone to stripping.

torx is the optimal thread top for torque delivery. If he is going to replace the bolts he should invest in those as they are the proper tool for the job.

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I’ve tried grip, easy out still no luck. Any way to cut slot without dremel?

Who am I kidding? I get to buy more tools!

I watched several YouTube videos and tried all sorts of stuff before finally getting them out - Propane Torch didn’t work… the thread locked dissolve spray didn’t work… drill with removal didn’t work but that was my fault since I was holding it crooked and broke it… but the simple Punch Tool and Hammer to loosen it in the correct direction actually was surprisingly effective