Stronger replacement for tb218

@amazingdave Send us an email we’ll send you a replacement truck.

I’d check your belt tension too if your belt tension is too tight. I’d imagine it would cause more strain. Just a thought.


So strange cause I’m in the upper 130kg catagory and I’ve been using my set of TB 218mm trucks since November/December 2017 with dual 6374 and thousands of miles ridden on them and I have no bending of the axles.

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That there is what customer service is all about! Thank you so much!!


I’ve only heard of a few TB218 axles bending. But next production run we upgraded the axles to be stronger to prevent any of these issues.


if you need a spare 218mm hangar i got one you can buy if ya want

I’ll take it…

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Yours in bending on the hanger itself or just on the steel axle that the wheel sits?

I think mine may be in the same path, I need to take a better look, but In the last few days it appears that the wheels are wearing more on the inside and coning