Strongest trucks out there

What are the strongest trucks out there that can handle abuse??

I was looking to get some independent titanium trucks but they don’t have rkp trucks… I need something sturdy for my next project… :smiling_imp:

Requirements: atleast 160mm and axle all the way through. Preferably titanium or chromoly. No aluminum stuff please…


trampa trucks?

i know theyre durable but im not sure about the size requirements…

i’d say NoSno… but I’m reaching, strongest for what bro?

as far as material strength goes… but axle dia. is larger, bushings are bigger X 2…

what are you trying to do?

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80mm stator hubs… :smiley:


There are a few eceptionaly durable trucks. The question is how much are you willing to spend. The ronin Truck might be a good option, since if you ever have trouble with the axle it is somewhat replacable. The truck is cast then bored trough for the axle.

Sick trucks would either be Buzzed V3 Mega Beefcakes or Bear kodiak. Both known for surviving almost anything.

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I was actually looking at ronins last night. I’m really interested in their 150mm hanger trucks. I wonder if they kept the same width axle. If so that would be perfect for my project…

We have the strongest trucks, going in at a 12mm axle. 20x stronger than 8mm axles :slight_smile:


A larger axle doesn’t necessarily make it stronger. I mean no offense to you, but I feel like a lot of sellers in this forum don’t have any engineering background and just advertise their stuff as the best :poop: ever until it breaks…

I am looking for trucks that have been abused by skaters over years and years and survived.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t convince me otherwise but you’ll have to make a much better argument than that. What material is your axle, why did you go with said material, is it a through axle or does it bolt onto the hangar, what material is your hangar, what is the geometry like and why. These are only a few of the questions you or any other seller on this forum would have to answer before I consider their trucks. If you would rather answer through pm as to not give anything away to competitors, I’ll respect your wishes to not spread said information and it would be kept between us regardless of whether or not I purchase your trucks :slight_smile:

E: There is absolutely no info on said trucks on your website either…


Completely uneductaed in engineering. So this is a question I was courious for a long time.

From what is constantly talked about in our riding groupes is that the Ronin truck is so good for its price (aside from the support pin which allows for a bigger rake but still stable at higher speeds at 44 degrees ) is because the truck is cast, then bored trough and the axle put in it. Other cast trucks are cast around the axle whitch makes every truck by definition unprecise. Also given that the axle can “move” around it is more durable since it has leway during vibration and the material expanding with higher temperatures.

Was allways intrested if this is true. Its what we have been preached and since they simply give you the best bang for the buck All of us silently agreed with that statement.


Some trucks are die-cast, these tend to be brittle and will fail under heavy use or from extensive vibration from MBS wheels. Sand-cast is better…Sand-cast in a US foundry even better due to the tighter regs and QC.

If you are looking into Trampa trucks, then I would not say that they are all durable and can withstand abuse. I personally bent my vertigo trucks, equipped with twin drive and only after a few jumps. Thanks to Jens at E-Toxx, he sent me another hanger Infinity which is stronger. So in my experience the hollow Axles cannot withstand 1m jumps, I weigh 63kg.

INFINITY Trucks = SOLID Hanger & Baseplate with 12mm SOLID Axles & Nikle plated Kingpin VERTIGO Trucks = CNC Light Hanger & Baseplate with 12mm HOLLOW Axles & Stainless Steel Kingpin ULTIMATE Trucks = CNC Light Hanger & Baseplate with TITANIUM Axles & TITANIUM Kingpin

4140 is a common steel for axles and used in the trucks evoheyax is talking about.

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hah thanks for pushing it up… I opened this thread just throw the idea about NoSno trucks also and then I saw you was here before me already :smiley:

So yeh… I would also agree… - strongest for what purpose exactly?

Though I think the best test is really jumping and applying a lot of force on the trucks… that should show whenever they can take the abuse and are not weak…

Hubs with 80mm stator motors… freeride board, maybe bombing uphill.

Not many manufacturers use titanium or chromoly. Titanium trucks would be very expensive, I’m thinking somewhere $500+ (I pulled this number out of my head).

Yeah, there are a few brands out there that make titanium axle trucks fairly cheap but they’re not rkp…

I thought chromoly was a standard as far as axles go. What else is there?

I think I might reach out to Ronin and see if they can do a custom cast with titanium axle or ask them how hard it is to press the axle in, I got a 12ton hydraulic press that’s up for the challenge :imp:

Em, in my oldest pair of ronins, the axle moves around alot. Meaning changing wheels i was like wtf, where did the axle go, was all on the other side. If you want I can show you pics and take the axle out measure it for you.


Eek, that may not be good for what I’m planning. It would be great if you could send me some pictures!

I’m finally off work so it’s time to do some more research on trucks!

They are few years old and beat up to shit. Just dont loock at precision trucks, or you will end up like me buying them, falling in love and being unable to enjoy normal ones…


Oh I know… This build is already out of control! Hopefully I’ll have more details soon.