Stuff for sale (EU)

Hi builders, so i got some stuff laying around that i figured i wont be using any time soon, so why not increase the vacation stash by a bit. Some items are actually brand new but i’m posting here since everything isnt. Located in Sweden.

Paris V2 truks with 90mm flywheels (new bustin abec 9 bearings), motormount, transmission and 6364 213kv sk3 motor - 100€ 20190701_191235

Bustin boombox deck, never used but has some minor scratches from moving around the house - SOLD 20190701_191329 20190701_191337

Normal Caliber II 50 trucks, never used and prime condition - *SOLD 20190701_185706

MBS matrix 2 truck - 40€ 20190701_185748

Shoot a message if anything seems interesting!

Interested in Matrix 2 truck is it only one? How much to Sweden?

Interested in MBS TRUCKS

Interested in Caliber II 50 Trucks how much for Ireland. Ill pass on MBS by the way.

Hi im interested in the flywheels + trucks + motor. Contact me @ [email protected]

hi, sorry they already got reserved

hi, i’ve sent you an email

Im interested in the Paris truck and motor. Is it still available?