Stutter when taking off

@barajabali any ideas for next steps?

Send an image of your unity to motor connections. We will get it sorted

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@barajabali Best I can do. I had to make my own wiring hardness so maybe I don’t have the pin outs correct. Of course Wowgo doesn’t tell you what’s what!


@barajabali Any idea?

It could literally be anything in that pile of wires man. So many solder points and connections… But your app isnt reading your sensor values according to the image above so something has to be wrong with the wiring

Pile of wires? It’s a 1:1 relationship of sensor wires to wires coming into the Focbox. I have to use a cable ribbon between them because they don’t make an adapter from those motors straight to the Focbox. But I don’t know what wires go where. Isn’t the Focbox made to auto detect or no?

Is your app still not detecting the sensors?

I believe it autodetects most of them but there are some that matter I think @Blasto can you add your input?

Well if the sensors are not detecting, the pin is not correct

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Well I guess the biggest problem is that nobody knows the pin output on these wowgo motors. Who knows what colors mean what to them.

Yea you can run sensorless though. Just increase the open loop erpm and you’ll get some better low end torque

I don’t mind running sensorless, it’s just when I try to start the board shakes like the motors want to go back and forth rather than just moving straight. If I give it a little push off then everything works fine. What is that about?

That’s pretty much how running sensorless works, it’s the reason why most boards run sensors to avoid cogging. My guess is with some googling you could find a proper pinout for your hubs. I’d also re-run motor calibration as it looks really assymetric with the inductance measures is strange.

Hey @barajabali, I am new to the forum, I live in Chicago and have a boosted v1 with red blinking lights. How can I get in touch for a repair/possible new battery? Tyvm!

That’s not really something people here can fix. You’ll need to contact boosted. They charge $400 + shipping to replace V1 batteries.

@huntercasillas, i thought building DIY batteries/setting BMIs to them was right around people here’s alley! If my battery is unfixable, il need a DIY one. Not spending 750 + my old board for a refurbished one for sure!

Problem is, im not good enough to mess with a BMI, much less making sure i dont build something that will potentially hurt me hahahahaha. Any suggestions?

It is, but Boosted is very proprietary and doesn’t want anyone messing with their things - kind of like Apple.

Well, they should have maintained V1 servicing then, hahahahahah, because im not getting rid kf a board because of a battery

My V1 died and I turned it into a DIY build. Here’s the link