Subsonic Spirit 30 - Meepo

In a separate thread I have pulled the guts from my meepo classic 2, link is here

I think the calmer characteristics of the classic’s ESC lend it self well to a mini-board. I had the meepo mini and it was just too fast for its size and shape and had a smaller battery than I liked for my average commute.

So I bought the last Spirit 30 subsonic had in stock, and an Eboosted enclosure, and set about making a mini better suited to my preferences. The deck has a wheelbase 2" longer than the meepo mini, so although it appears there’s a kicktail, there pretty much isn’t. I never found the kicktail on the meepo mini to be useful but more of a liability under hard acceleration.

The Classic 2 battery doesn’t leave enough room in the enclosure for the ESC, so I opened it up to see what’s inside. The battery builders left gaps between groups to permit some flex in the pack. I didn’t want to bust out the soldering gun so I just cut the rigid backerboard and used some vinyl to pull it all together. I will heat shrink wrap this one once I get my hands on a heat gun.

Because Subsonic mounted the grip tape for me (wasn’t expecting that) I was concerned about blowing through the top of the deck when drilling for the threaded inserts and ruining the nice grip tape. A little trick with threaded inserts is to bevel the leading edge so it screws deeper into a shallow hole. insert mom joke

For the cable channels I dremeled out two slots then heat formed two cable tunnels from some ABS plastic sheet.

I need to wait until next week when things come out of lockdown so I can get more threaded inserts.

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Clean bean.

the wedge that comes with the board is a bit unsightly so I have repurposed the meepo mini wedge and increase the angle.

battery mods provided enough room for the ESC.

Sweet build!

This is exactly what we need more of! - I am a big fan of taking the china boards apart & remodelling… I’m surprised we don’t see this more often!

how did you go about transferring the deck design to the enclosure?

the enclosure is from eboardsperu and I suspect they just took a silicone mold of a deck and applied it to their master mold. I can see the wood grain striations from the deck they took the impression from in the enclosure’s resin. The enclosure construction is top notch but I would prefer 3mm extra depth and 3mm extra mounting flange width.

complete. Everything fit snug. Now I just need to wait another 1.5 months before the snow melts in this frigid land.

The backend was really tight to the trucks but I made it work.

i’m talking about this, the graphic design.

You do it by hand?

naw that’s the way the deck comes. same goes for the enclosure.

gotcha… I’m pleasantly surprised because I have not seen this before.