Subsonic Talon Build

Hey there!

Have been hunting around here for a while slowly stockpiling parts for my build.

Here is what I’m doing, seems like the consensus is that an eboard constructed from…

A 10s5p 30q Cell level fused pack Caliber 2s 2x Torqueboards 6355 190kv motors Dual Focbox Torqueboards hardware Abec 11 clones (would love some 107s but $$$)

will be a pretty fun reliable(?) board.

I have chosen the Talon for something different and am messing around with clearances atm!

Looking forward to seeing Eboosted’s enclosure for this!



i was able to fit an eboosted enclosure on board that wasnt designed for it… his enclsosures are amazing, i have 2 of them, and can’t wait to have them all :joy::joy::joy: dude that board is gross :star_struck:


Hey do you have a picture of it mounted?

I love that deck, great choice dude…following

I am excited to see how your build is coming along.

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The Talon is a great board. Happy that someone finally went with this over the Evo for once.

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Messing around with clearances to prevent wheel bite with 90mm wheels and for the motor mounts. I’ve had to move the front truck forward 25mm and the rear truck back 35mm. This has had it’s advantages and disadvantages…

So the advantages are that it makes the board look tougher, the front truck is dewedged a little so it should be a little more stable at eskate speed. Disadvantages I’ve been left with those little gaps to fill and the kick tail doesn’t have as much leverage… It’s now more a duck tail (think 911 Porsche)

Thinking I’ll take a mould with some modelling clay or something then sand down a riser to match the shape of the board, any other ideas?

This is for no riser under the trucks, I’m thinking with more riser, which I may have to do for more ground clearance, bigger wheels will fit.


Couple more pics


Exactly what I was thinking…

This board deserves Abec11 refly wheels dude…or some boas which might ship this week…finally…


Spent ages soldering fuse tabs to be welded to my batteries! IMG_20180620_174837

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Any updates on this? :slight_smile:

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I have tried to post but posting from my phone has been glitchy and I gave up a few times, anyone else had this problem?

So far I have all the mechanical parts mounted and set up :slight_smile: I’m trying to figure out a way to solder my fuse wires to the copper bus bar but so far everything I have tried hasn’t worked :confused: I cant seem to get the copper hot enough. Any ideas or tips? Apart from that I have everything to make it go… I’ll post some pics if I can get my phone to work.

I’m about to move across Canada next week (Ontario to BC) so hopefully I find some time to finish it off before that happens otherwise it’ll be another month or so before I can work on it again. Just want to ride the thing!

IMG_20180629_094155 IMG_20180714_104152 IMG_20180630_121042IMG_20180714_105321


You had wheelbite with 90mm wheels on the talon? Does that mean 97mm are totally out of the question?

Now that I have moved the trucks and have 1/2inch risers I reckon I’ll be able to run 107s

With 200mm trucks, half inch risers , and 97mm do you think I’ll encounter bite without moving the trucks?

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What are you using for soldering iron and copper? Did you by chance try getting some solder onto the copper first?

Not sure dude, depends on how tight you do your trucks up… You’ll definitely have to move the rear truck back to allow for motors.