Subsonic Talon Build

I have one of those pistol style irons. Using copper from a flattened out copper pipe that I have cleaned up. I have managed to get some solder onto it but it looks like a bit of a dog’s breakfast.

Word, did you come up with a solution to the gap?

Not really high on my priority list, have been pushing it round and it hasn’t affected it in any way. Hasn’t moved either. Kinda hoping someone smarter than me will be able to make up a cad file to print out some fillers.

Khiro makes a wedge kit. I’ll bet one of the small ones will fill that gap quite nicely.

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Extend rear truck and use angle pad like Khiro @flannon said

Any pics of the enclosure your are having made?

Sorry guys settling into a new town so this has been on the backburner. No pics of the enclosure as of yet, keen to see it though. Still working on my battery build

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Here’s the enclosure, pretty excited…

Here’s a custom Talon going out this week. Orange tint carbon fiber with orange stained side rails. Grey subsonic wave logo.KIMG0459 15381139461601699878159


Actually it’s a Century 36, sort of a sister to the Subsonic Talon

@sofu :cool:

does the tint come from the epoxy

i have taken a lot of inspiration from this thread thank you for the info.

have you got any more shots of it finished?