Subsonic Talon | Carvon XL | 12s4p 30Q

How do you rate the xl’s? And how is the torque and braking?

You won’t be disappointed!

@BruSkater I ride in the city only for the most part so the max speed I’ve hit is 30mph, that being said I have pretty inexperienced leg muscles and this board is rock solid. I’ve only experienced wobbles once, and they were mild enough to carve out of. I haven’t ridden an evo personally. Just from looking at pictures, the concave on the talon is much more complex. The micro drops at the foot and tail are more dramatic and make my feet feel locked in. It also has more radial concave that tapers off at the drops so it’s comfortable long distance, but the extra concave in the middle of the board gives the insides of my feet a little extra something to push up against which adds to the locked in feeling.

@CamBo I was a little worried about the torque as well before I set these up, which is why I ended up getting 97mm wheels. That being said I was actually blown away at the amount of torque a direct drive can produce when I first rode the XL’s. I fly up hills and the breaks are more than sufficient enough to make me comfortable going 30 mph around Boston(the traffic system here is a mess too). I just preordered some TB110 to put on the xl’s next :grin:


This build is going to be a legend! Amazing!

Do you mind if I use the pictures on my website?


I’d be honored!

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Awesome, I haven’t finished my build yet, but have 107’s I was wondering about.

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Ive tried both 12s and 10s. as well as 97 107s. works well both ways more clearance with 107s but is very punchy with 12s. Its a thrasher for sure. Amazing build


im copying you on this but hopefully improving on the design for motor mounts and a funky paint design lets see what happens with my custom deck order

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