Subsonic Talon Complete Build BC CANADA

Seeing if there is any interest in my Subsonic Talon Build

Cost $2500CAD to build

10s 5p cell level fused 30Q pack with BMS

Dual belt drive 6355

Dual FocBoxes

Subsonic Talon Deck with Eboosted enclosure

Charger shit it’s self and have not had time to buy a new one Wheels spin when controller is triggered but haven’t had much time to use it lately

Need $$$ for another project so time for this to go

Comes with controller

Thinking $1500CAD obo

Pictures? :skateboard:


DM me and then I’ll send some pics through, can’t remember how to embed them lol

Are you on phone or computer?

If your on phone reply in this topic and look bottom right for an icon that looks like a photo.

On computer you can cut and paste

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Got it


Is it available? I’m in BC Canada