Substitute for r-spec 190kv 2800 watt?

so the old r-spec 190 kv 2800watt from enertio, the bigger one, isn’t anymore in production… I’m searching another motor tu make a dual motor longboard. I already have thet one from enertion, so i wanna put another one on the other truck of the long. one in front and one on the back. any other brand that i can use together with the enertion one?

If you’re in the US you got http://

And if you’re in Europe you got and

All three have similar motors that will work with the r-spec.

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maybe take a look at these vendors, some of them sell motors too:

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I got one but wanted to sell the whole drive setup

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hobbyking sk3 are known good and cheap.

there are many motors out there not sold as specific to skating which are the same thing. You might get it with a keyway already cut but other than that…sk3 are good.

@longhairedboy might have some in a faster “red” color.

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I am not afraid about the price… I need one with the same specs. So I can use the old r-spec with the other one. And I want a good quality product

dont be mislead and everything put out is misleading or empty. any wattage number stated is pointless as there’s no standardized testing method and they’re all just trying to sell. You’re best bet is to simply find a motor of the same size and check the reviews to make sure it isn’t going to fall apart.

IMO the 6374 RSpec has A LOT more torque than the 6374 192kv SK3.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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Depends on ur settings but max torque should be very similar for same size and kv

Im using a Max6 ESC, On a mountain board. Personally ive noticed a huge reduction in torque from the Rspec motors.

Im thinking it has somthing to do with the fact that the SK3 is really 59mm on the OD while the Rspec is a true 63mm OD

I have a bunch of 6374s that I’m trying to sell.

OP buy a motor from MayTech, I am 90% sure they are the manufacture of the Rspec motor so it will be an exact replacement. And from my personally experience they are a lot more powerful than the SK3…

Just my observations!

I have some drop in replacements for R-SPECs. 190KV 6355s with sensors, keyways, and circlip grooves. They’re red and have my logo on them. I have maybe three sets left if you want a set. If you’re in the US its $260 shipped for both motors with keys and VESC sensor adapters.

I’m satisfied with the results of our testing. I ordered 20 a few months back and we beat four of them into the ground and sold the rest. I’m trying to get more ordered now.

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I’m searching the 6374, and I’m from EU


man you save me XD youre the best thx… and it’s from uk, even better :clap:

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