Sudden runaway motor and cruising off

It started to happen to me today on way my to Paris. My board just started to cruise on itself with a few sudden acceleration. I have tried to power off for a few times.

What is the posssibility of this? loosing wires? signal interference?

Thank you

Are you using a nano V1 remote? It’s notorious for this

Could be losing signal, is your controller fully charged?

Yes controller is full charged. I have Enertion Nano controller . Have been using this for a few months now never had any problem before. I guess I will have to check the reciever connection once I get back to my place.

That is the classic “unprogrammed fail safe” issue. You lose signal for a few seconds and your board takes off or throws on the brakes. You need a binding pin and then check with enertion on how to set the failsafe on that receiver. Dangerous to ride it that way.

Also make sure your remote is charged as well.

Yes, the controller is fully charged. Im using FOCBO, Nano controller; and 6355 all parts were purchased from enertion. I have checked all the connection and checked the settings in BLDC-Tool. seem all normal to me. I will test it in the park again to see if it will runway on its own again.

So I did check all the connection which are good. And reset and reconfiguration the Focbox settings with BLDC tool. now is back running normal again. this is weird what could be causing this.

btw i had collided with a vehicle that day when i had problem with my board. the vehicle was doing a right turn at the traffic light. it was a green light on the bike lane. I saw it coming but i was going around 30km+ on a bike lane. i pulled break and hard right i could. broke her rear passenger and dented her door.