Suggest a deck like Loaded Overland

I’ve come from a short deck with tail background I tried out the Loaded Overland and really like it, it actually made me want to slide just standing on it!

I’ve been trying to find other similar decks (caught myself being boring and was about to buy a second same deck) Ideally I like a decent tail with as little flex as poss. any suggestions? Considered the Kanthaka has a little less width than I’d like.


Tesseract , and Rayne Otherside/darkside. You’ll loose the kicks But the footwells are similar in feel and they’ve got gas pedals for standies. They till have tails they’re just not raised tails… Btw

I like the look of the Tesseract the mild tail is the worry, it sucks buying expensive longboards online, our local skateshops have pretty much all closed here now I miss the chance to try out decks :frowning:

I’ve started to want an Landyachtz EVO, its the only non-kick deck I’ve seen my kick loving back foot might just be able to tolerate.

Evo is really great… I’m waiting to see if a 36" Evo comes out this year… If not I’ll be buying another Evo to have as an analog deck…as I miss my Evo being analog already lol…

Bonzing super fatty, diet fatty. Tahoe longboard deadhead Jet super slider

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Earthwing team

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these ALL look interesting and I’ve not seen them before thanks,

I really like the look of that super slider, I really enjoy watching Sergio Yuppie

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Check this thread:

Forgot all about techslide boards…

I call them hybrids…I have been working for a few years on creating the best all around skateboard you could make, to do the most number of things and I find a kicktail deck between 9 and 10 inches wide, about 34 to 36 inches long, small nose, shallow tail angle, wheel wells and standard concave. My favorite version is the Tahoe Deadhead which is a snowskate deck with 215 indies wedged for more turn with 58mm 92a hybrid wheels…in a sense you can do everything with it, and nothing great…which is a perfect starting point for a eskate…

thanks for the ideas, I really enjoyed the simplicity on that The Skaters Eskate build, I have a skatepark deck high on my todo list but I have a cunning plan for it I’m going to use a second same deck cut as enc. I want to be able to do rail slides with it :wink:

I feel a little silly now not getting myself a longboard years ago, I used to think long boarding was all about 4 wheels on the ground at all the times - I really never considered I could get a deck that I can go fast and leave the ground… my inner child is loving life these days :slight_smile:

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I love my Arbor backlash 37(i think) it’s awesome

@sk8l8r I have been thinking about the “board slide” problem for a while now and I think it’s completely possible, there’s nothing stopping anyone from making an enclosure made to slide on and tough enough to take it. Lipos will help keep the weight down but can they take the jarring and vibration over time form such riding?

I was planning getting 2 decks slice one truck to truck, using skate hardware and spaces or whatever to ensure battery never takes load.

Added bonus if it had hubs then the minute you pick-up your deck and hold it at the right angle it will go stealth, its going to be really hard to tell there’s any enclosure there when the deck looks perfect from a distance hehehe

Not too worried how long it lasts really, its not going to be a daily and esk8 and destroy’s my motto as long as fun > cost :wink: but yes impacts would eventually I suspect destroy the battery.

I hard had major trouble finding almost all of the decks suggested by everyone, but they lead me to something I ordered and can’t wait to try: