Suggested Motor Bracket for Evolve Gen2

Hi All, I am going to add a second motor to my Evolve Carbon gen2 board (this board only ships with one motor). I am considering getting two of the hobbyking SK8 motors and replacing the original evolve inrunner. Does anyone have a suggestion for what motor bracket I should use to mount the second motor?

do you have the dual kingpin trucks?

Yes, with the built in mount on one side only.

im not aware of any mount that can mount onto these trucks. All im aware of is that unikboards have a motor plate for the evolve trucks that can replace the original plate. Maybe you can purchase just the rear truck with both mounting brackets, and then purchase unikboards plate for the sk8’s

You don’t think something like the simple one from hobbyking can mount to it, with enough clamping force?

I believe the rear truck that has dual motor mounts (GT) is not as wide and therefore won’t fit on the older carbon deck.

it will tighten onto the truck but because of the design of the truck it will be crooked. you will need to grind the truck down to be level

I was considering 3D printing a wedge that would attach to the truck to make the surface square, then clamping a bracket to that.

No; it will never stay tight


I have the older Gen2 Carbon AT deck with the Gen3 “GT” trucks with dual motors on @marcmt88 mounts

On that particular deck, you do have to mount the motors out back though, not under the deck. Which is standard for Evolve GT stuff anyway…

Ahh great. Do you have a photo of your setup? Are you using the 8" AT tires? Aren’t the GT trucks significantly shorter?

I use polyurethane longboard wheels. I don’t have a photo of that one handy

It was my understanding that the 8" tires will not fit with the GT trucks on a Gen2 deck. Hopefully someone can confirm this, or I will try to find the dimensions of the actual trucks.

I have a Gen3 Carbon GT and a Gen 2 Carbon AT deck but I use longboard wheels so I don’t have any of those bits.

I don’t really see any reason it wouldn’t work, though.

Ok thanks for your help. If you ever take a photo of the dual motors on your gen2 deck, I would love to see it.

I just measured my board and the Gen2 trucks look to be ~380mm wide. Evolve’s website suggests the GT trucks are 306mm wide, that is a huge difference!

If you need any measurements let me know, I can get them

Gen3 “GT” trucks are 306mm axle-tip to axle-tip

hmm, yeah that is a hell of a lot shorter than the Gen2. I will test out 3D printing and try to get everything stable on my trucks first. I don’t want to lose width!

Forward under the deck :point_down: Forward5 Forward3

Same mount, reverse :point_down: Reverse1

Raw finish, anodized black, and special “Halloween” edition :grin: Tri-color file