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Suggestion for a new eboard controller

i’m not a programmer , nor a hardware engineer .not even a technician . i see myself as a handy man .
i’d like to introduce to our esk8 enthusiasts a new probable eboard controller .
be ready for order end of nov 2016 . (sigh*)
i found a new device in youtube and techinsider .
i wonder if it could be use as an eboard controller .
i see many engineers and programmers here in forum , can some one hack and add a bluetooth connection to this device to pair with and eboard ?

move forward ? point index finger
reduce speed ? all 5 fingers straight
brakes ? hold a fist
switch off ? snap a finger

just program the Gest device .
i believe that it is a bluetooth device . and we need a bluetooth receiver to command the VESC .
what do you think ?
is it possible ?
once its in market , i’m getting me one , maybe 3 . since the last time , i bought myself 3 kamas (2 for reserve if one is spoilt)

here is the website .

think of the unlimited uses of this device !

and it says 1st shipment will be Q2 2017 :sleepy:
single (either left or right) is $179 US . after 10% discount
pair (set of left + right) is $358 US .

2017 Q2 ? i want to break into the china factory and steal it ! ! ! :sunglasses:

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Nice !! That would be cool !