Suggestion on new motors

Hi so I built my board about 1 month ago and have right around 70ish miles I have tracked every mile and I am running 2 TB 190kv 6355 63mm motors and well I go about 20-22 top speed on them and it just isn’t pleasing me anymore I was planning to run a 12s lipo set up instead of a 10s that I am currently running for more voltage and speed I am getting about 12 miles on my board also my gear pulls is 16/36 , my point is anyone got any suggestions for top speed motors I can’t go really small because on my way to school I go up this 20% hill grade , so any suggestions with all that in mind Planning too run 2 motors with my 12s lipo that are coming

First step would be trying to run a lower gearing. 32t wheelpulley would be the cheapest option to get more speed. Your two motors should handle that easily even up hill, if you let them run with a big enought battery.

Next option is running bigger wheels; with your current speed i think you are running 83mm wheels - maybe try 90 mm?

Other option is going up to 12s. You don´t have to change your motors or gearing for that - just make sure to limit your erpm limit to 60.000 with an Vesc 4.

I have 90mm TB flywheels and I have TB car esc there is no option for that :(, I ordered 3 4s 6000mah lipos already

Alright, so you shouldn´t have any problems with your current motors. You should consider a upgrade to Vesc :wink: