Suggestions for single vesc enclosure

I know this topic has been posted before as I have done a lot of searching on the forum, however I need an enclosure for just a vesc without batteries. I can’t seem to find any that are the right size. I don’t even need a custom one, just maybe a suggestion on a cheap Tupperware container or something of that sort.

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I saw that but is there a cover or something?

I don’t want it to be uncovered

I could probably make one pretty easily, or you could use a piece of heat formed ABS.

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I don’t have a 3d printer.

I wish I did

Depending on the cost of printing I may have had it printed for me but if it doesn’t have a cover then I don’t know if I would do it. However, it does look cool

I don’t mind using a container or plant saucer or what not, I just don’t know where to find the right size

I think he wants an enclosure and not a case


cool be right :slight_smile:

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Right on 10 charc

Try collections/battery-enclosures

They have an esc enclosure for their 12s esc not the vesc and it’s ridiculously expensive

They have a blemished version that’s cheap if you look in there.

Yeah I know but it’s for their 12s esc

Alright gotta run for a few. Please keep posting and hopefully will be back soon. Thanks in advance!

I actually looked at that and was seriously considering it but I’m in the US and that’s EU

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I bought the dual, its quality gear. It took awhile to get it and was a total PIA to get the new cap boards installed and make everything fit, but they end result is pretty awesome. I would suggest it if you want a VESC enclosure and cant find a vacuum formed ABS or fiberglass solution that fit your needs.

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