Suggestions on a custom TRAMPA build and any recommendations you might have

I really like the suspension of the TRAMPA boards and I like their design. Wanted to put something together with their street carver but want dual motors. (The one they sell only has one motor.)

I put together a parts list that I think could complete the build but wanted insight and feedback from you all here. These are the parts that I was thinking about so far that should give me a complete board. Any feedback is welcome like better part suggestion or if I missed anything.

Was looking to get: Base non electric Street carve board:

And: Two engine mounts with pulley kit (i think i have to oder one with the goofy foot option and one with the normal foot option?)

Battery and ESC inclosure:

2x Motors:

ESC and battery:

Pulley: (do i really need this?)

Thanks again!

We can also make a dual for you if you like. Works out most efficient price wise. Mail to: Frank at


Be careful when you click on the electric section, these look like completes but are actually DIY and comes unassembled and the batteries and charger not included. In my case some of the bolts were the wrong length and size, which was no big deal.

Frank, I think you guys should emphasize the DIY nature of your electrics in bolder letters, I think it’s somewhat deceptive.

Overall though Trampa’s designs are badass and one of a kind.

Would this board work with the parts listed?