Sugru / Oogoo / Proto-Putty Enclosure

I’ve been trying to figure out the easiest, cheapest and most effective way to build an enclosure that can be easily removed (I want to be able to remove the battery for airline travel) and is, if not waterproof, at least, very water-resistant.

And I don’t really like the off-the-shelf stuff like what you can get from mboards. Anyway, that sort of thing would be a pain to waterproof anyway, at least in a way that is easy to put back together at my destination with minimal tools.

And then I remembered seeing a video titled ‘how to make proto putty.’ Silicon, so I’d have to assume waterproof? Rubbery, so flexible, for sealing and for flexing with the board. Cheap as shit. Seems much easier to work with than fucking around with fibreglass. I’ve never used it before, but it seems to also have plenty of durability and strength, with a thick enough layer anyway.

So my plan (once I’m home, in a month…) is to first make an insulation layer from the putty between my components and the board, with a lip, like a lid. Once that’s set, will lay it, and the components onto the board and form the enclosure shape on top.

As for mounting, I’m picturing a system with a quick buckle with a strap, bolted into the board at each truck. So it’ll hold the enclosure up like a very tight hammock. I think I might have to play around a little bit with the tensions on the strap, plus distributing that force evenly around the enclosure to ensure an even seal around the whole thing.

But I feel like it’s a foolproof plan, right? Or does anyone care to shit on the idea so that I can either fix it, or throw it out with the rest of my bad ideas haha?

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