Summer Clearance! Pulleys, Wheels, Trucks, Vesc's, Belts, Boards - Closed till further notice

With Summer here! it’s time for me to enjoy ESK8 In its finest. Here is extras that i had from the Mach 1 Launch. If there isnt a price on it, please offer up! I need these things gone to pay for more esk8 goodies! If you have any questions, PM me, Shipping not included. Location: USA!

Vesc 3x Available $90

6365 Sensored Maytech Motor 200kv $95

6374 w/8mm Shaft $100

Motor Mount (Fully Adjustable) $50

Spot Welder (For .15 Nickel and below) $80

Trucks $20 Each, $40 the pair

90mm 83a Flywheel Clones w/ Bearings $30 Set of 4.

Pulleys 15T Motor 36T Wheel HTD5 15mm $40 the Set, Comes with 1x 265mm 15mm belt.

NEW Nano Remote 3x Available (these do not have the drop out, i have tried everything. Even when the remote is turned off, the reciver will reset to the neutral Point) $40 Comes with a charging cable

Mach 1 Hubs, Scratched so i couldnt sell them, they are 75kv 83mm, I also have matching Wheels in blue and orange. Free Trucks Included $255. OBO.

Misc: Trampa Board is sporting Satin Blue 50 degree trucks, with 97mm Wheels and a 12mm 36t Pulley, Perfect for a project board, its custom cut, offer up.


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Thread Closed till further notice


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