Sunset Cruiser | Stella Tribe Dusk Kicktail | Tacon 160 245kV Motor | Enertion Mount | Caliber II Trucks | (2) 5000mAh 3S Batteries | Hobbywing Xerun 150a ESC

Hey Everyone! As I am starting to order all of my components for my build, I’ve decided to start my actual build thread! I’ll update this as my parts come in and I start the build process!

When the build actually starts, I plan on making a YouTube video of the process!

Awesome, looking forward to it!

The last of my parts are finally ordered! Should get this build process started soon!

Just got my Caliber trucks and Flywheels today! Now to wait for my motor mount and pulley from Enertion, and I’ll be ready to hit the road!

BIG UPDATE! Finally got my board up and running, and it is an understatement in saying I am having a blast with this thing! This Tacon 160 freakin tears up hills like its nothing!! The only thing I need to change is breaking, cause as @longhairedboy says, it almost made me “street my face”. I’ll have a YouTube video up within a week or two hopefully, my friends and I will be filming!

Edit: Anyone have tips on mounting the Enertion mount to calibers? No matter how much fiddling I do, I just can’t seem to get it to align perpendicular to the truck, the motor mount is angled ever so slightly, making the belt creep toward the wheel.


what kinda hills you climbing

ITS OFFICIAL, MY FIRST BUILD IS COMPLETE! I won’t go into too much detail, as there isn’t much different from your average build. I switched to a solid Red Oak deck that I made in the 8th grade, mostly for the fact that it is flat and allows me to mount my Tupperware enclosure with ease. I feel it adds to the DIY spirit! I’ve clocked 15mph on this bad boy going up my steep ass hill in initial testing! New video of this board and its inception coming soon! Please let me know what you think!

That second picture is spectacular! I can’t wait to complete my build :smiley:

what range are you getting?

Haven’t done enough testing to conclude anything yet, I’ll post some stats when I get some more riding in

What can be done to best prevent blowing my ESC, or messing any parts up? I do go up hills with ease, with no signs of stress on the components. Is it bad to ride full throttle on flat ground for longer periods?

My batteries are wired in series directly to my esc if that makes any difference!

what kind of hilla are u climbing?

I couldn’t tell you the incline I have no idea, most it’s just a steady incline, some short stretches are relatively steep.

oh nice more characters needed

Casualties were bound to happen, and it seems I have suffered my first one. My Enertion belt is now dead.

Anybody have speculation on how this could have happened? Maybe the belt slipped and grabbed, causing this chunk of teeth to tear off?

It appears to me that this could happen easily if there is not enough tension on the belt. It gives so much stress during acceleration and or deceleration (sudden tension). Then it will slowly begin to slip and then snap like this. Keep belt tensioned will prolong belt life, but not so hard as it could ruin motor bearings.

Common reasons for belt failure.

  1. poor alignment
  2. over tight
  3. aggressive throttle curve - you want to build speed gradually
  4. aggressive brake - high load peaks during braking are my most common reason for early belt failure (especially with 9mm belt) try to reduce brake force. Not sure you can with that ESC.
  5. General overload. - for me 9mm wide belt is not enough on mono, I need 12mm. I am 95kg.

Thanks @onloop and @laurnts , I believe it was a combination of aggressive breaking and the belt having some slight slack . A friend was trying it out and possibly went a little too hard. Hey, it’s all a part of the learning process the way I look at it! Thanks for the help guys

Hey everyone, been about a year or two since I’ve been active on these forums. This thread is telling me its been 519 days since the last post, I hope It’s not a nuisance to bring this back from the dead. It’s insane and so great to see how much the E-Skate community has grown and developed! Got some good times and leisure rides out of this board, but life and HS graduation got in the way and really prevented me from staying active in the community. I never forgot about you guys though, always scratching at me wanting to come back, lol. I’m a college student now and I wanna slowly work my way back into the groove of things in this world. This old build wasn’t very practical for transport and ease-of-use, so I hope to either completely re-build this thing or make a great one from scratch. I’m out in Los Angeles for school, so getting back on the old E-Board seems like an awesome way to get around and explore. Old friends, anything I should be debriefed about from my absence?