Super Cell batteries

I found it in eBay and also in YouTube using to power a electric skateboard. Has anyone here use this type of battery? Much safer than 18560 lithium batteries according to the seller. Do I need a BMS to run these batteries?

It’s a high power lipo. There’s a lot of debate if there the same safety wise compared to 18650 but there definitely not safer. You will definitely need a bms for these.

There aren’t that “super cell” there are way better lipos out there like:

That can theoretically put out 390amps.


is it definitely not safer because these are literally called “super cells”?

It’s just 20c lipos. Don’t see a reason why they should be so much better than 18650s. And yes bms needed as you need more than one cell in series. Bms even more needed with lipos than with 18650s.


These are the flat cells they chuck in the teamgee and exway etc. I expect. Great for a stealth build but pretty underwhelming in performance due to the low c rating. If you want to see them in action then check out this vid.

Guess if you could get enough in parallel then you could conceivably build a decent pack. someone do it for science.

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My lack of experience and understanding not good for science.:joy: I might burn my house. Insanely! Impossible to acquire battery pack in my state Hawaii looking for different type of batteries can be ship on my state.

I want to try lipo but there are no proper tutorial or instructions how to connect BMS balance wire property? Example: 10s4p lipo what type of BMS( any BMS)? How to modify the balance wire to connect to lipo balance wire? Which of the BMS balance wire #1 to connect first? Etc. I saw a diagram not enough info. Any help greatly appreciated!

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Some guy on the forum a while back started a thread about these cells, they turned out to be absolute crap if I remember correctly

Just type 10s bms wiring in the search field, you will find a punch of threads about this topic. You can’t use any bms. I depends if you want to use the bms for charging only or for charge and discharge and finally you need to get a bms configurated for lipo not for LiIon (usually the seller offer both options for one model just don’t forget to choose the right one)

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