Super Clean ESK8

I have an SK3 50/65 with 6s 10000mah @ 25c

The brakes are really only what I’m interested in with the VESC, and the smooth power output. The boat ESC that he has in the photo, i have that one now and the brakes are practically non-existent.

But man, Vesc have a ERPM limit that is 60000, tell me your Battery and Motor specs and I calculate

Yeah good brakes we’re my main motivation for getting the vesc aswell!

oh, If it is the 320kv motor, there will be ok using a VESC

No, it’s the 230kv

Oh, so you can use the VESC

@IsTalo, you can still use the VESC if the max ERPM is over 60,000. You just need to program the settings to limit it. That’s what the “Max ERPM” and “Limit ERPM with negative torque” settings are for :wink:

60k is the suggested limit, not absolute maximum

Oh, I didn’t knew it