Super Compact Battery Packs

Hi, I after a while going at it for a few months I made the smallest 40amp pack I could. Let me know if someone would like one its difficult to make so it does cost a pretty penny. PM if intersted

12s2p 20c 6000mph 4 3s lipos individual monitoring per group, temperature controlled bms

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Got any additional specs?

Oh yep 4 3s lipo’s in series rated at 20c. Each lipo cell has a balancing chip as well as over discharge and charge protection all tied to a temp motoring bms system. Capcity is 6000mah.

6.5 inches wide by 11.5 inches long.

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How thick is it? Not saying I need one but that is important aspect

Also watthour rating would be nice

12 x 3.7V x 6Ah = 266.4Wh

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