Super glue for finger cuts?

Just wondered if anyone has ever used standard super glue to stick cuts on their skin ? I’m thinkIng quick repair whilst working/building


Works great but leaves scars. Originally, it was invented for field medics


Do it all the time at work. Packing a deep cut with black pepper will help stop the bleeding too.


Yes if it looks like it needs 2 or 3 stitches glue will suffice. That and I don’t want to bleed everywhere for a week.

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there’s this spray on shit by elastoplast. they’re called spray on bandaids images%20(10) works great lol

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I use this , basically medical super glue - used for years

Germolene New Skin Liquid Plaster 2x20ml

I did this on a deep cut to.the bone and it healed up nicely. I’ve gotten worse scars from stitches.


Well I have just tried it with the standard hobbie super glue it seem ok, let’s see how the day lasts. I get cracked skin in the winter, that’s what it’s for, I’ve tried all sorts of creams but ended up just using plasters( band aid) for a quick relief . The superglue feels good at the moment :+1:

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Super glue may be a bit excessive for cracked hands.

I’d try spray on or liquid bandaid. It works wonders.

Super glue also works great on s toilet seat if your roommate drinks your last beer. Time it right and you’re good to go


We call it, “Dermabond” here at the hospital. It works amazingly well.

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For a less dangerous but equally annoying solution just put sachets of sauces underneath the seat stands on the toilet seat.


bit of a myth there – they were trying to make gunsights:

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That’s what it was originally invented for. So, yes :slight_smile:

Well it didn’t last long on my cracked skin. Applied it a couple of times but didn’t hold for long. Probably because it was on the end of my finger.


Don’t tell me you’ve done this… I want to hear more.

I was sharpening my knife one day, and it fell off the table. Clipped my knee on its way down. Cut so deep I could see fat tissue. Superglue ftw 1544161806187834974604188068986 Edit: the culprit:20181206_215247 edit edit: name that knife! It’s a special one.


@PatRocks It’s a benchmade but I don’t know the model

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I just use painters tape… Also that liquid bandage in a spray is helpfull as well