Super portable build: what motor and battery config?

That’s why I’m considering the Samsung 20S (30A by Mooch) probably the highest discharge of all 18650s with the downside of being low capacity a 10s2p would be capable of 60A with those cells. I’d also consider 26650 10s1p but I don’t see many people using them so I’d like to see some opinion on them

But you guys need to keep in mind the style of riding I’m going for more like a push board without the pushing (similar speeds because of the environnement) I’m fairly light so sag shouldn’t be that big of an issue

Single 6355 seems the way to go, I’m also looking at 5065s which are quite cheap on banggood are they any good?

Did you even read my post?

I did hence why I ask if the one from banggood is good because most 6355 can be bought from reputable brands but can you explain the difference between 6355 and 5065 in terms of performance and weight

You can estimate the weights based on quoted weights of the motors and motor mounts you will be using.

You wont fit 5065’s unless you use TB’s extra long truck, you will need to use 5045’s (they dont seem to make 5055’s), which have a max amperage of ~30A each. Compared to a single 6374 which has a max amperage of 80A, dual 5045’s can only produce about 80% as much torque. With dual 5045’s, you will also lose about 10% of your electrical power through resistive heating, compared to a single 6374 setup, in which you will lose about 5% of your electrical power through resistive heating. The upside with a single 5045 however, is better traction from 2WD

Duals are almost out of question unless the weight is acceptable. Yes it’s not popular to go single with a 6355/5065 but the goal is not to climb 40% grade hills or go 30mph, juste a board that I don’t have to push with my feet that allows me to go to the train station faster than walking (about 20min walk from home)

Why do you think I’d recommend the 5065 if it wasn’t good? I am using the exact same thing in a Lou diy hybrid and it is awesome. Climbs 20% hills even with a 10s1P

A handle makes an even bigger difference when your deck is under 31.5" long with a tail and the handle is on the nose. You just kick it up and grab the nose and go. It’s so ridiculously convenient. It sounds silly, but once you have it that way you won’t ever want to NOT have it that way.


I’m a little lost, what’s the question at this point?

A123 26650 12s1p is a proven formula. 99wh for airplanes, will deliver great current, a little peace of mind from the safe® chemistry, good high charge cycle count. It’s heavy and range isn’t great though.

The most famous are boosted boards and runplayback’s jet/carvon build.

12s gives close to 10s voltage. I’d consider 14s or even 15s.