Superstar hubs with 36t pulley

Just as the heading says. 36t pulley on superstar hubs has anyone ever attempted this? Can it be done the DIY way? I came up with one crazy stupid idea but what do u guys think?

Never heard of 36t pulley for SuperStar. 36T is what I would use with 107’s.

You could just buy Trampa’s pulley and go to a CNC shop and ask them to reverse engineer it and then remove the excess teeth in CAD, then have it made, or you can use the CAD file to print one.

@anorak234 I think it might have been you who did something like this. I can’t quite remember

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Im not very say with CAD files or anything like that. I am very good with my hands tho not trying to sound conceited but ima try it with regular tools in my brothers garage and what ever I have in my office and will report back if I do it

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@pat.speed you would be correct - I’m running 34 on 6” wheels with hubs similar to the psychotiller series. It can be done, but I strongly advise running 12 or less with an idler or two on the motor side.

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Why would 12t on the motor pulley be your recommendation?

Because on 6” inch wheels and 34 on the drive wheels, anything more than 12T and the setup just doesn’t have torque to get me anywhere - and I’m 150lbs riding on some of he flattest grounds in California during my normal route. My basic requirement for an Esk8, especially if you’ve taken the time to put on pneumatics, is that it at least has the torque to get you up your own driveway. Also, the amount of amperage that it takes to get up to speed will often set off any protections that your ESC has in place if your gear ratio isn’t torquey enough, and that gets annoying after a while. Here’s a basic picture of what I’m running:

You do not sound conceited. It is always a pleasure to see people try their hands on something new!

Life would be boring without a challenge.

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@anorak234 where did you get the wheel pulley? And did you mount purchase it made for your hubs or did you put the time to fit them on there?

The wheel pulley and all of my hubs were free thanks to @Maxid’s incredible design work and my school’s unlimited supply of 3d filament included with tuition. I have a Torqueboards V3 mount (only type that I’ve ever owned for myself) and found that by extending the motor mount plate, it took all of 5 minutes to insert a screw, locknut, locktite, and some extra bearings to make the idler. All of that resulted in a cheap and convenient drive setup for my uses.

If you’d like the files, you can search 3d printed hubs for pneumatics and find them in @Maxid’s original thread

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I will look into his hubs bit I will first try to make the 36t pulley by hand. I wamted to ask what sk3 motor is that the 6364 190kv?

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Close - it’s the 6374 192kv. I tried running a 6354 for a bit and it got blazing hot.

Is that the motor that you run the set up on? I ask because I have the 149kv so may be I might be able to run 36t wheel pulley with the 15t motor pulley and still have the torque

Yea that’s probably doable @10s or @12s if you weigh about the same as I do. Just don’t expect to be climbing major hills or anything like that

What is the max speed you go with that board? 10 or 12s?

Assuming you are going to run:

10S battery 149kv motor 15/36T 8" Primo Alpha Tires on superstar hubs Your final speed will be 73km/hr

Hence your torque will suck balls, your belt will slip a lot and your board will have no brakes at all

You need something like 45km/hr on an average battery and 55km/hr on a high powered battery to have a fun board.

So this is what I’d suggest

12S battery 149kv motor 15/62T 8" Primo Alpha Tires on superstar hubs Your final speed will be 51km/hr

Great brakes, no belt skipping, amazing torque, great tires!


I was thinking more like 10s 149kv 15/36t 6inch pneumatics Which would give me around 55km/hr

That could work but the brakes will not be very good, the belt will skip and you will have low torque, not an optimal setup, if you want to stick with this setup go ahead and keep us posted, but this is something I’d never even try it myself as I already did it once and brang me too many issues

@Eboosted With a 10s battery 6inch pneumatics on 149kv motors what set up would give me more speed? Say 30mph+ I ask because I started on an evolve and now 21mph doesnt do it just trying to speed it up without losing alot of torque out here where I live the roads suck and not alot of sidewalks and all these esk8 calculators dont factornin torque atleast not from I have noticed

Why are you sticking with such a low count pulley? Get a 12S the torque on mid range is amazing and get a 44T pulley.

If you can build a 12s5p the board will be a true beast otherwise stick with 12s4p that’s what I use and it’s more than enough on my Trampa

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