Superstar hubs with 36t pulley

I would recommend you go 170kv, 12S5P 30Q and slap 51t pulleys on 6" AT and 15t motor pulley.

Fully charged you should hit 39mph at 100% charge and at 36 volts cutoff hit 27mph. That fast enough for you?

170kv at 50.4v(fully charged) and 15amps continuous times 5 for parallel should produce 3,780watts.(1890w for each motor)

I have enough batteries to do that 12s5p just need a 12s bms to charge them properly. But since I already have all these other parts on me I’m trying to stick to them since im on a budget @Eboosted @Brad

You can still get a DieBie BMS if you want one.

Ive been reading on this and the only thing that sets me back is the price. I dont mind the size of the bestech bms but like I mention before I’m trying to stick to what I already have. But maybe later in the future I will upgrade

@anorak234 what size screws are the ones on your hubs. Im not sure if they are m6 or may be higher? But I measured them at 5.8mm still looking around to find them

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They’re just extra long skate screws - 3 inches I think. I still need to cut them…

Nice lol hope they come off clean

10s - theoretical top speed is around 40, but I’m only daring enough to go 25

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Hey Frank do these come with hardware or how do they attach to the superstars?

They don’t need any additional hardware. The superstar screws go straight into the pulley.

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