Supower BMS heatsink?

Hey guys i have this supower BMS and im trying to implement some kind of a heatsink on top of the fets and gonna make a window in the enclosure so it can actually transfer heat. theres one available hole on the pcb but i need another one across so i was thinking to drill a hole where i marked with ‘2’ on the picture. do you guys think its safe to drill a hole there? any ideas? may be i should wipe this whole idea but im afraid its gonna overheat or something.

What setup do you have and what BMS is that?

Fets carry most of the heat to their bottom, metal side. So it´s more effective to set a heatshrink to the bottom with the screws.

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It seems good to me but contact battery support (supower) first!!

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im not sure how i can implement that heatsink to their bottom. do you think putting some narrow heatsink piece under the nuts will work? because those nuts have direct contact with metal side. its supower 10s 60a version, going to use single 6374 190kv and 10s4p battery and there are no hills where i live.

@BoostedBuilder will do that or may be i can use a suitable heatshrink to press that heatsink onto the fets and then cut a window to expose the heatsink.

you don´t need a heatsink then. These are good BMSs compared to some others with fake numbers. If you´re using a 4.12 Vesc, you won´t reach 60A constant and therefor won´t need a heatsink.

i got focbox, well its easier for me to leave it alone :smiley: i think i ll use it as it is and see what happens. if it fails i ll go with bestech next time.

If they are rated 60A they usually deliver it if it’s from batterysupport or bestech. Focbox will be the first thing getting hot at 60A


oh ok then, well maybe i should make a window in the enclosure for focbox housing? may be airflow will help with the cooling.

You said above you don’t have steep hills in your aerea. You wont use 60a if you’re not crazily overweighted or wanna run 90 kmh. If you’re under 100 kg: About 30A Acceleration About 5A cruising Depending on your setup of course. But thats plenty already :wink: Try that first and troubleshoot when you really have a power problem later

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well im only 70kg and running around 35kmh at most. considering what you just said i wont heatsink anything :smiley: thanks for the help

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You’ll be totally fine :hugs:

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