Surf | 6s 30c| DIY VESC | JLab 6374 190kV mono drive | Robert August Deck | 97mm Wheels | Mini Remote

This is my first build (Its not done yet). Im just waiting on one more part. so I just made the build thread. Please don’t make fun of it I’m on a budget.


Someone come up with a name for this build.


10 char

Nothing to make fun of. That is a great first build, good job.


Thanks. It just looks bad compared to other peoples builds, so I thought people might :joy:

It doesn’t look bad, looks DIY, but it is so no worries. Everyone’s first build has issues. Mine certainly did. Don’t sweat it, you did a good job. Yell if you need advice.

Good looking build :surfing_man:

Thanks man!

greats~~ clean and tidy~~

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