Surf Rodz stuck axel!

Hey has this ever happened to anyone? I feel like I over tightened the axel and now it won’t come out. I had to use a socket wrench with a hex to loosen it up. It turns freely, even by hand, but it won’t back out no matter how much I turn it, I’m guessing that the threading got messed up? Any suggestions on what I can do to remove it without destroying anything?

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Grub srew still in by chance?

Nope, removed it!

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It is likely fucked.

I did it to mine once and had to replace it. Often times it is due to the grub screw maring the surface of the axle and locking it in.

Put it in the freezer for half an hour then put the hanger in a vice to remove the shoulder bolt.

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Damnit, that’s what I was afraid of

I fucked a hanger up too. Took a few dozen attempts but got a free replacement after sending surfrodz emails.

then as you unscrew the bolt apply upward pressure on the bolt head with a lever of some sort.


This is essentially what happens.

The grub screw mars the surface of the axle, the axle shoulder (non threaded section) gets stuck int he hanger, as you turn and turn the axle shreds the internal threads of the hanger. You end up with a hanger that won’t thread anymore.

Pro Tip: Don’t use axle grub screws in Surf Rodz trucks, loctite only FTW.


If none of that works use this email. [email protected]

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Hahah mikaela is great!

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She really is pretty cool. Hard to get on the phone with them the last couple of months though

Yeah I saw a thread where you mentioned this (after I fucked it up of course) :sob:

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I spoke to her about a week ago about the shorter king pin for the adjustable base plate. I wonder if they’re in this week. I’m trying to go down to Florida for a couple of days to get out of this weather up north


Don’t you hate when that happens :slight_smile:

theres a helicoil down there. god damn nearly impossible to replace.

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The thread I saw is like the second google result for “surf rodz stuck axel” lol

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But also pretty hard to fuck up. Most of the tine it is not the threads fucked up butbthe acle and/or the shaft

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ive gotten slightly oversized shafts from mcmaster before, but even an oversized shaft shouldnt have done this.

Helicoil in the adjustable base plate or in the hanger? I know there is one in the base plate but not aware of one inside the hanger

down inside the hanger