Surface Transducer Speaker - Turn Entire Board Into Giant Speaker?

For my next build I’ve gotten so many crazy ideas, one of which is to implement a built-in speaker system using surface transducers to effectively turn the entire board into a giant speaker. Has anybody used these before? Would it just be easier to use normal speakers? Thoughts?

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I don’t know what the helll this is but yes

Normal speakers would be easier. I have one of those transducer speakers and the best surface for it is glass. Wood is alright but you really have to have a good seal on like a laminated or laquered surface to get a good sound. Check out what @Deckoz did for his speakers

Chances are, that with your feet on the board, they would absorb a lot of the vibrations as well, resulting in a very quiet sound


I was thinking the wood might not be the best for this. Thanks!

But maybe a flat trampa deck full of epoxy may, ok I get what this is now!