🏄 SurfRodz RKP & TKP Press fit mounts - Round 4 - LRdesigns

Hey peeps, This is round 4 of my press fit mounts for Surfrodz. This time is a little different in that the design has evolved. It has the added features of being cross compatible with TKP trucks, extra mount holes for more angle adjustment and and a cutout for access to the grub screw on RKP. They will also be anodized black this time instead of natural finish. There is an increase in machine time plus the anodizing so the cost has gone up a bit.

  • Prices is now $65 a set. (Thats total price including shipping and fees)

  • Fits 200mm RKP size only and all TKP sizes. (I need to send someone a test sample for TKP for fitment confirmation, let me know if interested)

  • Compatible with @marcmt88 plates, @moon plates and gear drive and @LRDesigns rain guards. Any future widgets I design.

  • I will be doing a batch of 25 sets. Once I get payment for 7 sets I can ask the factory to start production.

  • send me money via paypal: lukeritchiedesigns at gmail dot com

  • Sign up here.

Thanks to @moon for the TKP idea.




I still have two sets from round three if anyone wants.


I can make plates but there’s got to be a demand. I can do any material, any features. Just let me know what you want and I will come up with something. :slight_smile:

Ohh, I thought you were still making ones for your own RKP clamps but would still be compatible with mine? 46mm between holes and min 29.5 for the big hole. If not no worries.

Yeah that idea sorta fell short. I can make a small batch of 50 plates if necessary, however it seems that @moon is manning the fort

No problems. Just to let you know that the concept works pretty well, will release the files


Had to use shoulder bolts longer than 80mm to get it working though.

Original credit actually goes to @akhlut , I just found a place to get them made.


I have a set of RKP unused if any one would want to swap / buy :slight_smile:

I really want a set of TKP press fit

Does anyone happen to know if these will fit the new liquid trucks from psychotiller? I can’t quite figure by what I’m reading if the liquid and sr tkp hangers are the same or just similar shape. Thank you

They won’t because of axle lengths

@Sender has got a picture of my pressfits on liquid trucks

Maybe he can upload it


Anyone have a pair of rkp press fit let me know

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I have a set if you are willing to trade something cool.

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I have a new 10s BMS of this if you down too trade for that


Dudes I gotta get my arse in gear and start making some more of these things. Few people been asking.

Are these still available?

I want them for sr tkp.

Why the open end to a V? Oh never mind it’s so you can reach the set screw duh. You mentioned that already.

Ive made a few just now if thats ok with Luke…

Both of you are making them?

I was going to use your pulley for the bergmeister but then realized it won’t work with the 90mm axles and I’d really like to maintain the width. These mounts I think would allow for that correct?

Here’s a side by side of both @bigben and my build. I think he’s using 80mm axles with your pulleys and I’m using the stock bergmeister ones with 90mm axles.


Well if you are making them @moon then @Gerrycorrado and I would like one set each.


Any reason why? I can’t figure out why that will be the case edit - oh i see now. I think that these kind of clamps will be better if you want wider…

I first made these mounts in May/April

They aren’t perfect imo. I made like 12 sets and I think I was the only person with an issue with them…

So thats why I have added setscrews.

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Well I need a pair that fit well and if set screws secure them that’s good. I don’t care for them to fit both rip and tkp so if the design can be made to fit just the tkp then I’d rather have those. I also don’t care for the set screw opening. I don’t use them. They only seem to damage the axle anyway which can cause problems when removing the axles.

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RKP for me eh :slight_smile:

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you guys got any left?