Surfrodz RPK - Help and Recommendations

Guy’s looking to pick up a pair of Surfrodz RPK and really need some help with baseplate angles and bushings will be using @psychotiller mounts and Sixshooters mounted to @treenutter 44 …Could someone suggest a combination front and rear that is appropriate. Want to order as the 30% sales is on at the moment so timing is important…



i think the standard baseplate is 45. maybe get a 35 for the rear?

i really wish they’d get the adjustable baseplates back in stock.

this was the last place i could find them. gone now.


I use 35° plates on my mtb

And 45s on my hummie

Thank you @akhlut appreciate the suggestion…would do adjustable but because of availability need fixed at the moment…will be ordering the 80mm axles as well.

Also i would look at getting some krank bushings from riptide

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Suggestions for board side and top side… Front and rear?

Im 215-220 lbs and i run 95.5a and 93a chubby barrel and a cone with their wfb formula… but honestly bushings vary person to person but the crank formula gets stuffer the harder u tighten it

Either you have to order 2 sets of trucks with different angles or email them and they will invoice you for the split angle set.


I am 210 so we are fairly equivalent…

@psychotiller you are the man when it comes to Surfrodz what are your recommendations on setup?

ps: sorry, just saw you are looking for rkp

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50/45 works perfectly for me at 210. My awd had 2 45° trucks but i wedge the front to 52° and it seemed to be a favorite.

Most downhill guys take way more steer out of the rear and that’s a big component in their 60+ mph runs.


Sorry in advance about the following the noob question, but “more steer” does it mean bigger angle?

I run 50 in front and 35 dewedged to 25 with krank 90 barrel/fatcone rear and krank 87 barrel/barrel front. Best Combo for me til now.


I when ahead and ordered the RPK 200mm with 80mm axle front and back 45% figuring I couds always go from 45% to 50% on the front or just order an additional base. I also order hard barrels and will work with Riptide tuning once I have a starting point. It’s a killer deal with the 30% discount.



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What color did you get?

I went old school with all raw… Just like in the picture.

I went with 35 this time around. And will just uses an angled wedge if it won’t feel right

I have a tip for these trucks. Put some anti seize or long life grease on the kingpin just where it goes inside the base plate.

I had my front truck king pin totally seized in the base plate after about two months of use. I was freaking out that my truck was toast. At first I thought the nut was cross threaded or the kingpin was rusted. But the kingpin is stainless steel.

I had to put a 2 foot breaker bar on the end of the allen key and it made a god awful screeching noise as I turned it. Took me like 20 mins to get it out.

After it was out I confirmed it was not cross threaded, cleaned king pin and it looked fine, I think it was just road grime that got in there. From wet weather riding. The fitment between the king pin and base plate has zero tolerance. Which is good for precision but increases risk of seizing.

As well as grease, I also give my kingpins a quick half turn back and forth once a week.


I do not know how these trucks are constructed, but If the stainless steel is in direct contact with aluminium, it could be a galvanic corrosion making it seize?

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