Surf's Up | Loaded Dervish Sama Circles | Custom Sensored Dual Hub Motor SK3 6374 | 6S Lipo | Xerun 150A ESC | 90 mm Flywheel Clones

Hello eSk8!

Inspired by the build on ES by Stielz I decided to build my own:


Really cool enclosure, when the board is vertical the effect is awesome! And great work overall, making your own hub motors out of SK3s! Wow!

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Nice build and an interesting enclosure! How did you make the hub motors?

Whoa couple things? 6s hub motors isn’t it too slow? Did you swap out the original bearings on the sk3 for something that can handle load? Also I’d put a bevel on that enclosure so it doesn’t catch on something tall and throw you off.

Post some videos super cool build!

Edit: nvm about the slow comment

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Too slow? (Theoretical) top speed for that setup has gotta be well north of 50mph, even with only 6S. Low end torque is probably lacking but not speed.

Excuse me you’re right. I’m comparing these to hummies hub motors

Some pictures of the first steps:


nice motors. you are probably going to want to upgrade those bearings to some skate bearings though, those little bearings wont handle the pavement too long.

also I’m not sure why people are so surprised that you can turn an SK3 into a hub motor, Carvon has been doing it for years now…


Yes, I think turning the SK3 into hub was originally invented by Stielz

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@lowGuido didn’t know Carvon used SK3 motors.

I tried finding a thread on making your own hub motors but couldn’t find one. Is there one?

there’s a few on ES. I think @peter is the first to do it on esk8.


Ah yeah you know what. After i posted i remembered wanderers build And was hoping no one would pick up on it :joy:

WOW, Good Job On the hub motors they look sooooo good.

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Lol…someday I may even get some power going to those things. Have 4 of @jacobbloy hubmotors and a custom made quad vesc as well just sitting around and waiting to be tested out.

Hey @chaka working on my battery deck yet :smiley:

Someday I will do more than just lurk this website and be envious of everyone who actually rides an electric longboard

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I used an iron saw to remove part of the hanger (piece by piece).


That’s a lot of hanger removed. Why so much? Edit. Disregard. I see you needed that much to fit the motors. Just looked like a lot thats all.

Did the bearing that the fan sits on just happen to be the same size as the Paris round? Or did you just hit it with the lathe

The bearing that the fan sits on is big:

Inside is another bearing which is smaller:

To fit over the axle, which is knurled, I had to grind the axle a bit with a file