Surplus VTC 4 cells anyone? [in EU] -> or 10s battery pack on cheap side?

Hi there! … Not sure if there’s any response - but -

does anyone have any vtc 4 cells lying around?

I need to make 10s pack but Ive got 6s battery as of now… It is still possible to add extra layers.

So 24 -> 40 cell = 16 cells of VTC 4 would be really great.

Let me know how the shipping looks - Im living in northern part of Eu.

10s batt packs (hoverboard grade) - would also work great…though wont pay more than 100 - 120 eur, as I can make my own pack for similar price.

So not sure if anyone would be ready to let go of one for under 100 eur… lipo might ‘qualify’ for this price but im not really into lipos.

What´s up Austris :slight_smile: Why not pick the remaining ones off from nkon? Under 60€ including shipping for the missing cells.

in stock right now

Hey Austris,

I just made an order for VTC6 cells an nkon, can quickly send them an e-mail to add 16 VTC4 cells if you wish and send those to you after they get to me, that’ll be about €50 shipped.

EDIT: cells just got a tracking number so can’t add anymore

Thanks for reminding about nkon, though i think i will make brand new pack then, somehow dont want to stick with relatively low capacity.

Im Appreciating the help anyways :slight_smile: