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Survey: minimum performance fantasy quiver

What’s the minimum performance specs that you would have for your e-skate quiver (multiple boards)?

It’s going to be hard, but to keep it simple, let’s ignore board shape, waterproofing, transmission type, and keep it maker agnostic. Limit responses to on-road (no AT) boards and the following specs:

  1. Max weight in kg
  2. Max cost/budget in US dollars (your own pain threshold, don’t think of cost/benefit, just utility or desire.)
  3. Minimum top speed in kmh (for your own weight, on flatland)
  4. Minimum range in km (for your own weight, on flatland)
  5. Minimum hill climbing grade (for your own weight, without burning up if done for 2 km)

I’m curious to see how much people are willing to spend and lug around to get what they want.

I’ll start: