Suupower 60A BMS "N-" function?

Searched but the only answer I found was “it is not used” …

Does anyone know what the “N-” on the Suupower BMS is for? Also, same question but for the vacant holes in the marked photo.


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I’m not sure about the N- but the other two holes are for a manual switch or temperature switch such as this one on my BMS

So they are NO and closing them will turn off the BMS… meaning your temp switch is NO also?

Honestly, I’m not completely sure, but sounds plausible. They were already mounted on mine (cheap-o from Hobbyking) when it came in and I’m just assuming it’s a temp switch. I’ve read before where others have said it’s a spot for a temp switch and the white part has got a temp rating printed on the end.

Any Suupower experts out there want to chime in?

I have the 12S version of this BMS and was also wondering what N- does. I think it may have something to do with charging through a separate port? Maybe we should email the manufacturer

1, The charging port and the discharge port of the board are the same Positive port.

“B-“ for negative Pole of the battery pack, “P-“ is negative pole for both discharging and charging.

2, “B-“, “N-“ , “P-“ welding pad are through-hole port, hole diameter of 3.5 mm;

 You could use solder iron to weld the wires through the hole port
  Every charging port for battery are the DC needle seat forms output.
 “N-“ with no wiring when charging and discharging are in the same port;

Yes I was leaning towards it being a charge port. The manual is a little vague.

“N-“ with no wiring when charging and discharging are in the same port…but what if you aren’t charging and discharging in the same? :confused:

Emailing the manufacturer is definitely the next step… I was just hoping someone here would have the answer.

If you find any info, please post it! I’m trying to figure out my suupower bms right now also. The wiring is very vague…

I emailed them today. I’ll post the reply when (if) I get one.

Well I got my response but it doesn’t really answer any questions…

“N- with no connection and no use on this board.”

I emailed back and asked about the other two vacant holes (bottom centre of my original post) and got this reply…

“That is for external function”

Maybe someone else wants to give it a shot? Their answers to my query are about as vague as the BMS manual.