Swappable Battery or Not Swappable?

So just curious of everyone’s opinions from those who have a preference for pre-built systems like Boosted and or other mainstream brands or DIY complete systems where you piece it all together yourself by part. Would you rather have a Swappable battery at 12 or less miles range or a full battery enclosure/non swappable but 15-20+ miles?
I find the closed enclosures are cool but they don’t look sweet unless your doing some CNC work on the board and it’s built into the board and then the swappable batteries can be a pain because the obvious reason is it stands out like a closed enclosure hanging from the bottom of a board.

I built a board with a swappable battery first, but then in practice i found I never ever swapped it. So I just ended up sealing every other board I built.

You can get 440Wh battery pretty slim

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I think for me going swap-able battery would be great as it would bring the weight down alot when you are carrying the board, sure you could just have a small battery but it wont always work if you have a long way to go. I dont understand why everyone is putting such big batteries in when the boards are made for commuting and to be carried etc. My 10s3p with motors etc is getting really heavy, carrying it around town just becomes a pain.

For me, The time spent riding is a lot more than the time spent carrying the board. So, being swappable is not a big deal. The furthest I travel is about 10 miles and most of my boards are 10s4p. I get around 15 to 20 miles. I just charge at work and head home with a full charge.

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