SWD Pin Order on VESC

Hey all,

I was unfortunate enough to get a VESC without a bootloader, but after some research, I think I can flash it myself. I’m pretty confident about the process, but there’s one issue that I’m running into. I’ve poured over all the threads and documentation I can find, but I can seem to find the pin out information so I can hook up my ST-Link correctly.

Was wondering if any of you had that info on hand.

Much appreciated

You don’t need ST-Link anymore! Go to Bootloader Tab in VESC-Tool and upload it, just choose the correct HW version. :sunglasses:

That’s great news! But unfortunately, I’ve tried that before with no success.

Load Bootloader >> Update Firmware >> Recconect

And I always get this error message


Only the blue LED is on until I remove power from the VESC.

When I try again, I get this error message


I’m at a loss

When you get the second one follow this

or maybe I didn’t get your problem correctly and this won’t help

I’m trying to run a dual motor setup. I got both my VESCs within the last month from TorqueBoards.

The process that you suggested @ZmasteR worked seamlessly for one of my VESCs, but I can’t get the 2nd VESC to take the firmware. I thought that it might not have a bootloader, but I haven’t had success using VESC tool to flash a bootloader to my problem VESC.

If they are TB VESC’s they have a bootloader. I’ve never known then not too. @torqueboards you wanna weigh in?

I know them to be super reputable. Love their products, but I just can’t seem to figure out the issue.

@ElBandido How many seconds do you wait before you reconnect after you update new firmware? I’d wait about 5-10 seconds. Usually, you’re computer will make a sound and you’ll be able to reconnect.

Thanks for the response @torqueboards

That worked great for one of the two VESCs that I have, but the other one hasn’t been cooperating.

If I’m not having any luck with Vesc tool, is it reasonable to think that if I reflash the bootloader with an ST-link, that I could get the update to the VESC?

@ElBandido Yeah, stlink would work. Email us and we can do it for you also. Just pay shipping.

I’ve had a hard time figuring out how the pin-out from the VESC correlates to the pins on the ST-link. Other than that, the process seems pretty straightforward.

Is there a data sheet you could point me to that I’m missing?