SWE/EU Loads of 18650 batteries for build

Hi I have a lot of leftover batteries that I don’t need the 18650 are: 200 X LG MF1 RATED BETWEEN 1800- 2100 mah. Good for 10ah discharge.

100 X Eve icr 18650 around 2500 mah tested. Max discharge 8-9 ah.

20 X Samsung inr18650 29E tested between 2700-2899 mah. max discharge 10ah.

20 X LG MG1 tested 2700mah. Max discharge 8-10ah.

Every cell has been tested by a opus btc3100 Tell me what you need and we come up with a price together.

I would like a 1000 wh battery for my trampa holy pro deck are you in the usa