Sweet Decks to make ⚡️Electric - Post your suggestions

@RunPlayBack @longhairedboy someone is already selling a complete!


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50% of me says your joking. The other 50 says you’ve already started pressing finger decks.


@treenutter Once again i find myself not really competing with mass produced, cookie-cutter completes. I’m pretty sure my new electric fingerboards would out-spec and out-perform this in both range and speed. Probably by several meters.

@RunPlayBack I’m fiberglassing a tiny box right now, just waiting on some 30awg mains wires and a loupe.


That’s so funny you guys mentioned aluminum boards, I’m literally about to launch into my first esk8 build and I’m going to use (I think) the Overland Highland ( http://overlandboards.com/collections/all-products/products/bo-fax-longboard-millvalley-skateboard-aluminum ). Almost all of the electronics will come from Enertion, I’m waiting on a space cell4, r-spec 74mm motor, VESC and pulleys and whatnot. Currently in the waiting phase for that stuff, but in the meantime I’m getting used to the Highland on flat ground and hills. It’s pretty wicked. If anyone has any pointers to deal with vibration dampening and preserving electronics, I’d love to hear em!

Am I the only one who reads LHB’s posts in the voice of Neil from the Young Ones. Love it.

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oh 'ello there

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I’m going for a local BuddyBuddy-Deck with good shock-absorbing (Mellow is using them too) http://shop.buddybuddy.eu/category/longboards/

@E-Boarding nice stuff man!

POGO Roadkill 95 Topmount

Shock risers are always a good idea to smooth out a ride: https://www.amazon.com/Khiro-Shock-Pad-Inch-Black/dp/B006VXN3XQ/186-4433728-6510043?ie=UTF8&tag=duckduckgo-ipad-20

I also discovered that Ronin cast trucks do a really great job of dampening any vibrations. I only just tried them recently for the very first time, and I have to admit I’m impressed. Add some soft, fat wheels and your ride will be buttery smooth.


Dimensions: 35" x 10" Wheel-base: 27" Concave: Progressive, 3/4"

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I’m thinking about shaving down a loaded vanguard esque deck down to 22 inches, it’d be nice to have that flex and camber on a shorter board.

How much does this weigh can’t find any info on the site

Yeah, I love the design to, but the board seems too small for a belt driven setup. Maybe hub motors?

I dig this! The company seems really cool, I was actually out in Seattle not too long ago and they have a super robust maker community. As far as a CF board, I actually just got a Hi5ber Ion 30 deck:


Again, almost perfect size and shape. Might be challenged with the WB unless your building your own packs? Come to think of it, what have you got in mind for this bad boy?

Building my own pack, it’ll be a compact 12s1p LiFePO4, custom enclosure with VESC and the Carvon single hub. Trying to convert my original mini cruiser to something lightweight but not too small to be dangerous at higher speeds. @Jeff has a Python Hi5ber which is awesome and I think this 30" is their first minicruiser deck.

SPECS Soft Deck Weight 54 oz. Firm Deck Weight 58 oz. Length 44" Width at Shoulders 10

http://alanilani.com/index.html<img src=“https://esk8content.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/uploads/db2454/original/2X/2/2d7a99ec10416e319039d6a994d0468917279966.jpeg” width=“366” height="500>


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DIMENSIONS – 40” x 9.75”WB 25-27- A handful of wheelbase options to help cater the deck to your liking.DROP 2/7” - The gentle drop in this board helps provide stability and comfort, without sacrificing grip.5/8TH IN. RADIAL CONCAVE - This is the same classic concave we have been using on the Manatee for years! Simple and sweet.ROCKER .25”- A subtle .25” rocker help provide a comfortable locked in feeling at higher speeds.