''Swing arm'' Steering mechanism for mountainboard..How? And would it work?

Not bushing on this proto but I used it on the next protos. I wanted to test conical washers as spring but never did it

Can you please clarify for us exactly how the bushing rods are connected to the swing arms and how they pivot with them?

What you see is the tension bolt (rod with bushing) who connects board frame and lower part of swing arm. The swing arm rotates on a crosspiece that steers when the arms moves up and down.

Basically, the parts that you see on the pics ( tension bolt and connection to swing arm), do not move when the arm moves up and down…so it’s the upper part of the arm who has to move back and forth and causes steering… I don’t know how to post video but you can find some image on flexboardz youtube page

Are you talking about this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqQFQfdCsrk

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The center part is connected directly to the baseplate and moves as such correct?

Oh so turning happens like in car right? Whole stuff turns right?

P.S. Is there any dampening or just plain wheel to board?

It turns like on a motorcycle at high speeds where the wheels lean to one side and it goes there. I don’t understand the double steering claim that they also turn similar to a skate trucks

But motorcycles has also problem with turning on low speed :smiley: I am curious how it turns on low speed, I don’t do track racing on high speed :smiley:

Yes, the crosspiece (who connects both arms) rotate to make the steering There is big a rubber piece between crosspiece and the baseplate which compress and give suspension effect (you can see the hole at the top of the crosspiece has oval shape to allow back/forth movement

Do you have any pictures of this board from the underside? Specifically focusing on the cross piece?

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If I understood from your videos it does require bindings to be able turn right?

So there are two parts in the cross piece, the baseplate and the hanger equivalent. Does the bolt that attaches the two sit at an angle or perpendicular to the ground?

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We did say it was for off road boards but I do believe it requires bindings.

The thing is that with bindings I have no problem to turn as I can lean way more and not fall of like snowboard. But without bindings and with dampas for e.g. On trampa I loose turning or without dampas I lose stability…

My idea is to make a stable vehicle which I could use on streets without bindings and still control perfectly at low speed… I am riding everyday 12miles to work so… :smiley:

Okay, I think I get it now… when you’re finishing a turn the motion of the hanger piece helps “pull” the more extended swing arm back to a neutral position and “extend” the opposite one. The rods are there just to help stabilize it all. Did I get it right?

That’s how it looks to me. The rods are more like steering links on a car

So in other words, both your system and mine are solving the stabilization problem by using springs. Much simpler mechanically, but easy to mess up if the springs are too weak or strong.