Switch and display

I have a battery supports bms for a 10s4p battery can anyone help me with a switch and led in the united states

Unless you ordered the BMS with a switch, it doesn’t have one. When you say LED?

Like capacity display I solved the switch issue

It just goes inline, both POS & NEG after the switch.

I like these… https://www.amazon.com/DROK-Lead-acid-Capacity-Indicator-Electric/dp/B01I30RAC4/ref=sr_1_18?ie=UTF8&qid=1493129514&sr=8-18&keywords=drok+dc+8

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How did you solve the switch issue?

Vedder switch

Also I got this when I plugged the charging connector into the battery so perhaps I need to get a new jack? And can you think of what may be the issue

Double check the polarity

If you plan to install on the side of your enclosure, this one is a bit shorter. Takes a couple weeks to come in, but they’re cheap:


Your right, its shorter. but it doesn’t allow you to hard set it to volts instead of percentage and if left off of power more than an hour or so it will default back to L3.

Good to know.

I just use mine on percentage so it doesn’t effect me much, but it’s good to know that if I ever switch to volts, that I have to make sure it doesn’t lose power for too long. Would be a pain to have your enclosure all screwed down and have to pull off again just to reset it back.

Yeah, Ive got a small double kick that I used one of those on and its a pain in the ass :). WIth the one I linked you solder a little button on the front and then you can hard set the voltage/cells and a ton of other options as well.

The button you need is uxcell 50pcs 6x6x4.3mm Momentary Tactile Tact Switch 4 Pin DIP Through-Hole https://www.amazon.com/uxcell-6x6x4-3mm-Momentary-Tactile-Through-Hole/dp/B0090VQK7C/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1468207633&sr=8-6&keywords=4+pin+SPST+switch

Here’s a pic of the button installed…

Here’s apic of the manual, it shows what the options are…

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Just ordered one the guys selling em has a switch soldered on

Cool, where did you order it?

From @longhairedboy

Lol, ahhh. That makes sense :grinning:. It’s a great switch. I bought 10 6 months ago, just used my last one.

Hey should a battersupports charger be blinkinking red

I have the thin version, and it has a little switch underneath to toggle Percentage % / Voltage V

It stays at that setting (and L12) even if turned off for long periods of time

(Seems like there are different variations out there that look very similar)

Is it that it resets to L3 after a few hours being off only if you set it to voltage?

I set mine up, but I have it on percentage. Settings stayed locked in even when off power for hours. Here’s pics of it:

I bought the same 1, got 5 from eBay. Either voltage or percentage it it defaults to L3 and percentage if it’s off for a couple of hours.