Switchblade 40 inch deck enclosure

Hi all,

So i have a LandYachtz Switchblade 40 inch deck, and would like an enclosure for it which fits at least 12S4P.

I have looked online but cannot find any, do you guys know where i can get one?


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Join the club. @Eboosted is willing to make it but we need to have at least 3.


I am willing to buy from him if he makes it.

I believe the 9to5 deck is similar to switchblade, maybe that enclosure fits?

@psychotiller think Evo or altar wedge might work.

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Count me in I’m willing to get one


We got three now. Can we make this happen?

I’ll need the deck locally in Lima or to my freight forwarder in Miami. I’ll do it for you guys :sunglasses:


And I might be the 4th, haha.

I’ll be the 5th if my Hummie deck falls short of my expectations :stuck_out_tongue:

Please produce also for switchblade 38 :pray:

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Ok guys, I’ll do a custom enclosure for all you.

Just placed the order for a 2019 Switchblade 40"



Would you like to make any requests on the enclosure?

I’ll make a 12s4p for 21700 cells or a 12s5p for 18650s if there is enough space.

Maybe a switchblade design


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Damn, now I have a deck I didn’t plan in building… waiting to see if that changes now haha

Damn, I’m in for the switch blade enclosure :ok_hand:t3:

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Yeah me too.


I actually really liked your universal enclosure (that linny modded) on it. Not sure about the rest :stuck_out_tongue:


@nuttyjeff whose deck is that one? I would like ask the builder how good the universal enclosure fits on the Landyachtz Switchblade 40"

That’s mine haha. It doesnt fit at all, alot of modding needed, but the shape works.

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Ohh ok then! I was going to cancel the switchblade order, let get this going!


I’m down for some 12s4p 21700 cells.