Switchblade 7 | Landyachts Switchblade | TB218 | 2x6374 7KW Total | 10s5p | dual fsesc 6.6 | 110mm Wheels

Hei esk8 community,

I am a first time builder with a background in engineering satelite thrusters for SpaceX and co, so i know a little about mechanical and electrical engineering and tried to implement that into the build aswell as the information given by this community. BIG THX to all of you.

For example i tried to build it with a savety of 2 in mind, meaning it is designed to withstand double than what it will be exposed to in real life. I planned and build my board from the ground up this summer and managed to finish it faster than I expected. it was a hell lot of fun to build it from scratch.

What I wanted to achieve was a very reliable daily driver and i got just that. Let me tell you IT IS AMAZING.

Where i live (Austria/EU) i have mostly steep hills, pebbles on the road ranging in size from big to huge and its always at least a 10-15km (6-9miles) trip to get somewhere. To be able to tackle those conditions and to not just fight through them i had to get something real. In addition to the circumstances of the roads i am also a heavy mofo weighting around 120kg (~280lbs).

To the build itself:





Deck: Landyachts Switchblade 38" (The board which i found to have the most reliable deckshape + fattolerance. i got to try it in a shop in vienna and the reviews werent lying about the stiff flex and good grip.)

Motor: Flipsky Motor 6374 190KV 3250W ( I had to round the KW up a bit to get the 7 in the name :). i know i am not getting the full 7KW)

Batterie: Electricskateboardsolutions 10s5p (EU Vendor with the best Reviews)

ESC: Dual FSESC6.6 & AluminumHeatsink

(It is probably a little over the top, but i dont want to have any of those cutout nightmares or other problems that i read about on this forum. imo, the ESC is the most important part so it has to be respected accordingly.)

Remote: Flipsky 2.4Ghz Remote VX1

Since this is the only remote i ever had i cant say it is the best, but i can tell you what it does for me:

  1. No Battery%-Meter on the enclosure: looks better, makes it easier to waterproof and saves a few bucks.
  2. Long Range: when i tested it at low batterie, it cut off at about 15-20m (50-65ft).
  3. no programming needed and easy plug and play.
  4. 3 different acceleration settings. i only ever use the middle one at most because the highest is scary and apperently i am easier intimitated then i thought i would be. srsly some of you guys on this forum are crazy :crazy_face: )

For me it is the remote all those diy remotes try to be. highly recommended!

AntiSpark: Electricboardsolutions 180A AntiSpark Switch



Motor Mount2: TORQUEBOARDS Dual 63mm Reverse Motor Mount Set

(I ordered the wrong mounts the first time, because there was no reverse mount option on the TB website for the V2 fixed mounts and I wasnt paying attention. cost me around 200€ and 3 weeks delay. ~10 days solely because i had to email TB about why the package hasnt shipped yet and they told me the color is not available and they wanted to try and email me anyways. Products from them are great as far as i can tell and maybe it was just a stuffed week for them so they couldnt get to write that email. no hard feelings here. just want to inform u guys.)

Motorpulley: STEEL MOTOR PULLEY 15Teeth

Wheelpulley: ALUMINUM KEGEL PULLEY 36Teeth

Belt: 325mm x 15mm Megadyne Isoran (Belts + Bearings all from a local Business Supplier. Big tip if you cant wait for parts like myself. Businesses usually cant wait either :wink:. took less than a day to get them delivered for pickup.)

Wheels: TB110mm (very big, very comfortable and gives more ground clearance without struggling with redesigning/raisers)

Other things I got from Electricskateboardsolutions: 12s5p Enclosure, Enclosure Hardware, Velcro, Waterproofing D-Seal, Waterproofing Wiregommets(not used in final build because MotorSensorWire is not round and only fits if i take the wires out of the plug but them through and then replug which i did but ultimately decided to undo because it defeats the purpose. i want to be able to open up the box effordlessly and that way i cant pass the cables trough.)

This is still not completely finished but i think i will leave it like that for some time before i go back to improving. This is already a very capable machine which i have more trust in than in a regular longboard or even an ebike. It was and still is surprising to me how good of a transportation device this is. If you think about going for diy, I 100% do not regret building it.

Thing i still wanna improve are:

  1. Better Enclosure: Sadly Cometboards no longer sells 38" Switchblade enclosures and the 40" version is just flexing to much to get the eboardsperu enclosure that was in the making when i started the build. I know i could use a heatgun and reshape the ABS but i dont know how the results will look like. Thats why not all the screws are in, in the pictures above.

  2. Waterproofing between the MotorWires and the Enclosure: Wire Gommets didnt really work out and it was the most promising of the solutions i found. The 3 Phases for the motor work perfect with the gommets but not the Sensor wire. Currently the wires are just losely hangin, as you can see in the pictures above (I checked that the wires cant be caught by the motor/belt).

If you have any questions/comments/critique please let me know!!!

Thanks for reading my attempt at sharing my enthusiasm. Would be cool if you drop a comment.


Looks hot :fire: :heart_eyes::ok_hand:t2: Is the torque with 10s enough?

torque is strong enough to throw me off at a 25% steep hill from a still stand.

For me personally it is more than i need :smiley:

EDIT: i actually measured the steepness of the hill infront of my house and its merely 10-15% ) messured with iphone compass app). so the above statement is not true at all. at the 10% it manages to throw me of from a still stand tho.

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Good job man, sick board.

Hey man beautiful build, hit me up and I’ll hook you up with an enclosure deal, your build does deserve it!

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DMed :heart_eyes:

this community is truely the best!

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Ooh I’d be up for a 38" switchblade enlcosure as well. Maybe next summer though, I don’t have the cash for an extra build right now :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll order a 38" right away in order to make the enclosure